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Lisa Lawrenzi - Dental Assistant

Lisa Lawrenzi joined Aspen Dental as a Dental Assistant in 2006 at the office in Belle Vernon, PA and loves her career today more than ever.

“As a dental assistant, my job consists of the basics such as sterilization, chairside assistance, and taking radiographs,” she said. “But it goes way beyond just that. Being a DA with Aspen helps develop you into a true team player. I’m responsible for ensuring each patient is treated with respect and care so that their entire experience is extraordinary every single time.”

Over the last decade, Lisa has been able to work with multiple dentists and team members who have helped her grow professionally and personally.  Having the opportunity to work with a variety of people helped Lisa become adaptable while improving her social skills and assisting skills.

“I love the people I work with at Aspen. We have each other’s back, in and out of the office.”

Lisa loves that Aspen Dental is a community that believes in building bonds, creating connections and investing in each other. Every year, Aspen Dental hosts a Day of Service, where hundreds of offices across the country open their doors and provide free care to veterans.

“I’m so grateful to Aspen for giving me that opportunity. It was life-changing.”

In 2017, Lisa was one of 12 Aspen Dental team members who traveled to Peru to provide free care to local citizens as part of the organization’s Overseas Outreach Program.

“I’m so grateful to Aspen for giving me that opportunity. It was life-changing.”

Lisa appreciates that she has an entire community of people who are there to support her and help her grow and expand her career if she wants.

“Working with Aspen Dental is a win-win situation! I get to wake up every day and make a difference in someone’s life.”