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Success Story- Dental Tech

 Kathryn KirklandDental technician Kathryn Kirkland wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after graduating from high school. Knowing that she was creative, artistic and loved working with her hands, Kat’s family encouraged her to look into a career in dental technology. She enrolled in McFatter Technical School where she excelled and really developed a passion for the dental technician field.

After college, Kathryn worked in a number of different laboratories where she further developed her skills, but the structure of these labs didn’t allow for her to see a denture all the way through – she never saw the true impact she had on a patient at insertion.

A former colleague who had recently joined Aspen Dental reached out to Kathryn to express how happy he was working with Aspen Dental. Kathryn knew she wanted a career where she could interact with patients, work side-by-side with doctors and fabricate dentures from impression to insert. Seeing how Aspen Dental made it easier to do so, she didn’t hesitate to make the transition.

Since joining Aspen Dental two years ago, Kathryn’s been able to break down barriers so patients can receive better care, better smiles and better lives.

“I work very closely with the dentists and staff,” she says. “I love that I oversee my own laboratory and that Dr. Crowgey looks to me for advice. It’s truly a team oriented practice. Everyone works closely with patients to ensure they receive the best experience possible. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a patient thank you for helping them smile wide again and changing their quality of life for the better.”

“I love that I oversee my own laboratory."

Kathryn’s friend opened her mind to the opportunities Aspen Dental offers and she encourages dental techs outside of Aspen Dental to learn more and do the same.

Kathryn Kirkland

She says, “Every Aspen Dental practice has all the tools you need to succeed, which will make the transition easier. There’s a great training program for newer techs who are just starting out. The support is awesome – we have frequent meetings, conference calls and check-ins to make sure everyone is on the same page and always connected.”