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Success Story- Practice Owner

Aspen Dental has different doctor support programs available to help a doctor advance in his or her career. The various programs are normally taken over time as doctors choose to progress more and more with their Aspen Dental practice. It only took Dr. Alkilani nine months to go from New Doctor Orientation to owning his own practice.

Dr. Alkilani will admit to initially having a few doubts about partnering with a dental support organization after working for years in a traditional private practice setting. Eventually, he persuaded himself to “give it a try.” In June 2015, he became a lead dentist at the Aspen Dental practice in Traverse City, MI. This shift was not only professional, but also personal because it included a move from one state to another.

Looking back, Dr. Alkilani is glad he made the decision to join the Aspen Dental community. The support that ADMI offers dentists with Aspen Dental is held highly in his mind. “It feels like a network of practice consultants and coaches of various skills and talents that I can reach out to anytime I need,” he said. 

Even though he just joined the team, Dr. Alkilani found himself quickly identifying with Aspen Dental’s Words to Live By including “We love a challenging mouth,” “We don’t just treat the mouth, we listen to it” and “There’s no ‘I’ in Aspen.” The mission of breaking down barriers to better smiles, better lives and better care was something he believed in and lived by even prior to joining Aspen Dental.

“From that point on, the transition to becoming [an owner] was a no brainer."

“From that point on, the transition to becoming [an owner] was a no brainer,” Dr. Alkilani said. “I wanted to become a practice owner and I’m in love with the Aspen Dental model, so why not? The sooner, the better.”

In March of 2016, Dr. Alkilani purchased his first Aspen Dental practice in Traverse City, MI. By October, he was ready to purchase his second practice in Gaylord, MI.

“Becoming an owner allowed me to continue to grow professionally in dentistry, while serving as a leader to a larger team that is working toward shared goals.”