success story

Dr. Reham El-Hennawey - Endodontist

Originally from Canada, Dr. El-Hennawey completed her dental residency at the University of Rochester’s Eastman Institute of Oral Health. Having a passion for endodontics and wanting to provide access to care to communities most in need, Dr. El-Hennawey relocated to Oklahoma and joined Aspen Dental as the Endodontist for a territory of practices.

Dr. El-Hennawey loves that as a clinician with Aspen Dental you have all the business aspects of running a practice handled for you.

 “I love how convenient working with Aspen Dental is,” said Dr. El-Hennawey. “With a built-in patient referral system, I don’t have to market, I get caries straight to the pulp and I’m making more money here than I would in private practice.”

With a community of more than 1,000 dentists across 36 states, clinicians with Aspen Dental have a built-in network of peers who are often going through the same experiences, successes and challenges that doctors can learn, connect, collaborate and celebrate with. 

"The network is huge. It’s invaluable and priceless to have that."

“The network is huge. It’s invaluable and priceless to have that. I have the opportunity to contact someone who’s been in the same boat a few years ago that can tell me how to handle a situation if I’m unsure or need advice.”

After spending a few years in Oklahoma, Dr. El-Hennawey was ready for a change of scenery in 2017. She worked with the operations team who support her and was able to relocate within the Aspen Dental community to Tampa, FL, where she’s now the Endodontist for a territory of practices in and around the Tampa area. She’s also been able to bond with the local dentists there and recently had a team dinner at her new home!