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Dr. Pranathi Bandi - Lead Dentist

Dr. Pranathi Bandi began her career as a dentist by working for a small group practice in Houston, Texas. She enjoyed the work and her colleagues, but the compensation model wasn’t very transparent. At the end of the day, she wasn’t earning enough to pay her bills, especially her massive student loan debt from attending the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry. She remained hopeful that her compensation would improve but it only worsened.

“The primary dentist was given all of the self-pay patients and I was scheduled HMOs. I felt so deceived and was stressed all the time about not being able to make ends meet,” she said. “There was one instance where I had to choose between a crown or a filling and was tempted to choose a crown. The clinical decisions I was making began to waver and that’s when I realized it was time for a change.”

For those reasons, Dr. Bandi decided to leave her position in Texas and join the Aspen Dental practice in Port Charlotte, Florida. She was attracted to Aspen Dental because she felt her dreams and goals could become reality. She wanted a career in a smaller town to keep her cost of living manageable, she wanted a fixed base pay with opportunity to earn more, room for growth and development, support from fellow doctors and administrators, and needed her H-1 visa to be sponsored.

“Aspen Dental was the only DSO supported practice that offered everything I was looking for,” Dr. Bandi recalls. “I knew I could pay my bills with my base pay and be stress free. I didn’t have to deal with any practice management issues that I saw my friends going through at traditional private practices. My choice was obvious.”

Since joining Aspen Dental in 2010, Dr. Bandi’s life as a dentist is simply easier. Her income has steadily increased and the compensation model has been ideal for her personal goals. She uses her base pay to finance her daily life and with her profit sharing earnings she paid off her student loan debt of $200,000 in about two years.

The financial freedom that a career with Aspen Dental provides allows Dr. Bandi to make all the clinical decisions that are in the patient’s best interest, an aspect of the job that she absolutely loves and was missing before.

“In my opinion, a career with Aspen Dental, especially for new grads, is a no brainer,” she says. “You have financial security, stability and predictability, room for growth, educational opportunities and more. The list is endless.” 

“You have financial security, stability and predictability, room for growth, educational opportunities and more. The list is endless.”

Dr Bandi