success story

Dr. Alex Williams - Practice Owner


Dr. Alex Williams graduated from Oklahoma University College of Dentistry in 2014. He then joined an Aspen Dental practice as a temporary dentist, became a Lead Dentist, and became a practice owner, all within a year. He currently owns two Aspen Dental practices in Tulsa, OK and one Aspen Dental practice in Muskogee, OK, where he mentors new dentists while supporting and leading all other staff members.

Dr. Williams’ journey began when he decided to work part-time for Aspen Dental. He loved the experience so much, he walked away from a 50% stake in his family’s private practice to take a full-time position at Aspen Dental.

With the support of Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI), Dr. Williams found it easier to grow both as a dentist and as a business owner. ADMI is the business arm of Aspen Dental that provides nonclinical support, making it possible for Dr. Williams to own multiple practices and focus on what he enjoys most: engaging with patients, identifying their problems, and creating a comprehensive treatment plan based on their needs.

“You can practice at the level you feel most comfortable.”

“You can practice at the level you feel most comfortable,” Dr. Williams said. “Meaning you can work as hard and as frequently as you want. Clinical autonomy is completely your choice.”

Owning an Aspen Dental practice has allowed Dr. Williams to feel like he is a part of something bigger. He can enjoy all the benefits of ownership and be more patient-centered because of the support from ADMI.