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Aspen Dental VIBE Session

The Aspen Dental VIBE Session is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive event geared towards fourth-year dental students and residents to learn, connect and celebrate with Aspen Dental Practice Owners, Career Guides and executives from Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI). The purpose of the weekend is to immerse guests in Aspen’s unique culture, understand their goals and career aspirations, and make the message clear that dentists who join Aspen Dental are supported by mentors and an organization that will stop at nothing to enable their success.

All work and no play?

Not in our house.
VIBE takes place all across the country in fantastic destinations like Nashville, Chicago, and Dallas…just to name a few. There’s always unique entertainment to look forward to during the weekend program.

Aspen Family

“I was pleased to discover how big the “Aspen Family” is and how fondly everyone speaks about the organization and the culture.”

Career Options

“I learned a tremendous amount about my career options, myself, and my colleagues at the VIBE Session – it’s amazing that they already wanted to invest in my growth even before I joined the organization.”

Full of Diversity

“The amount of diversity among dentists with Aspen Dental was surprising and refreshing.”

Dispelling Myths

“Some of the ‘myths’ out there about Aspen or DSO’s in general were quickly addressed and I discovered those are just that – myths. I recommend a VIBE Session to any D4 dental student across the country.”


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