Frequently Asked Questions

Aspen Dental is at the forefront of the changing healthcare landscape. And as with anything new and innovative, people want to know more about us. Here’s what you ask about most. We’re all about providing answers.

Is Aspen Dental owned by dentists?

Yes, the individual practices are owned by licensed dentists.

Can I ask a current clinician questions about joining Aspen Dental?

Of course! Please join us for Aspen Dental Live Sessions where you can ask current clinicians questions about joining a dentist-owned Aspen Dental practice supported by Aspen Dental Management.

Does Aspen Dental offer continuing education?

Yes! Aspen Dental is an ADA CERP-certified provider. Dentists in the Aspen network have access to continuing education through a variety of vendor-sponsored programs; a five-day doctor orientation program; and www.aspendentallearning.com, Aspen’s proprietary learning center, which provides access to hundreds of hours of CE. We partner with the best companies in the industry to provide this CE, such as Henry Schein, Septodont, GC America Inc., Dentsply, and VOCO.

What types of services are offered in the practice?

At Aspen Dental we provide a full range of general dental and specialty procedures so you can help patients get the care they need!

What is the difference between a Managing Clinical Director and an Associate dentist?

Managing Clinical Directors are the lead dentist in the office. They complete comprehensive exams on all new patients and recommend optimal treatment plans for their patients. They break down barriers to better care, better smiles and better lives. Associate dentists are committed to providing quality care under the supervision of the Managing Clinical Director, honing their skills and building confidence. They too play a leadership role within the team.

Do you buy existing practices?

Aspen Dental has grown organically over the last 20 years with very little acquisition. However, If you are selling a practice, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Do you have specialists?

Yes, there are board-certified and/or board-eligible oral surgeons and endodontists within the network.

Do you have contracts?

No. Practice owners use simple letters of agreement that outline the specific offer for employment agreed upon during the interview process. Letters of agreement do not include non-compete clauses or term limits.

Can I transfer between Aspen locations?

Yes. With more than 900 locations across 43 states and counting, the Aspen Dental network continues to expand, creating opportunities for dentists and team members in some very desirable locations whether they are looking for a family-friendly neighborhood, to make an impact on a community or just looking to explore new surroundings.

How can I become an Aspen Dental practice owner?

Becoming an owner of an Aspen Dental practice is easier and more predictable than in a traditional practice. As an Associate or Lead Dentist, you’ll have access to ownership and leadership training. Within your first year, you can start exploring opportunities and financing options with the help of ADMI. Most dentists with Aspen Dental become owners in two years or less. Unlike traditional practices, ADMI supports you with office procurement, financing, set up and maintenance, staffing, and marketing to ensure a continuous flow of patients.

What types of services are offered in the practice?

Aspen Dental practices provide a full range of general dental and specialty procedures so you can help patients get the care they need! To learn more about the care Aspen Dental practices provide, visit www.aspendental.com.

Can I see what it’s like to be a dentist with Aspen Dental before joining?

Yes! For anyone interested in a dentist position, Aspen Dental offers a Shadow a Dentist program that pairs you up with a dentist with Aspen Dental for a day at a location near you.