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Aspen Dental Team Members Participate in iTero and Invisalign Technology Training

Author:Aspen Dental  

Date: January 14, 2019

More than 150 Aspen Dental team members participate in iTero and Invisalign technology training

More than 150 Aspen Dental team members from offices across Florida were immersed and educated in iTero scanners and Invisalign technologies during a two-day training session in Orlando recently.

Team members including dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and office managers received hands-on training from Dr. David Galler, ADMI’s Vice President of Orthodontic Services and an experienced Invisalign trainer and educator, as well as representatives from Align Technology and experts from Aspen Dental Management, Inc.’s practice support center.

iTero scanners are designed to deliver speed, reliability, intuitive operations, and outstanding visualization capabilities to general practitioners or orthodontists. Dentists and team members are able to use the iTero scanners on cases like restorative, fixed restorative, removable prosthetics, invisible aligner orthodontics, patient education, dental health scans, using time-lapse video to show patients progressive wear. The scanners are designed to give patients a more accurate idea of treatment with the Invisalign system and the exclusive Invisalign Outcome Simulator.

“By having an iTero scanner in the office, it allows us to have a better presentation for the patient experience,” said dental assistant Donald Fead.


Aspen Dental offices are investing in iTero scanners and digital technologies, specifically Invisalign, which is a custom-made aligner for patients that is interchanged roughly every two weeks for a period of six to 18 months, or longer depending on the severity of misalignment. Similar to a mouth or dental retainer (which is designed to keep teeth from shifting out of place), an Invisalign® aligner is used for orthodontic treatment as a technique to move and properly align teeth for a beautiful smile. This clear aligner is usually computer generated from a mold (or impression) of the patient’s teeth—taken by either a dentist or an orthodontist—and the fitting is unique to each patient only.

“The addition of Invisalign to our practices is definitely a game-changer,” said practice owner Dr. Raymond Dustin Dixon. “It makes it so much easier for the doctors to explain treatment to patients. You’re able to show patients exactly what’s going on inside their mouths.”

The technology training in Orlando is one of many training sessions that have taken place or will take place in the coming months across the Aspen Dental network. The sessions provide access to education, ensuring new technologies and techniques can be implemented in offices and offered to patients to ensure friction is removed from the patient experience and team members are at the forefront of today’s evolving healthcare landscape.