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job overview

Marketing job in Chicago, Illinois

Director, Social Media


Do you know your Snapchat from your TikTok…and can you explain the difference in 20 seconds or less…to your mom?


Are your 2 and 3 keys rubbed off from using @ and # more than e and t?


Have you ever started a fight (of witty quips) with a fast food brand that entertained thousands?


Do you have a finely-tuned “spidey sense” for what will drive likes, comments and shares?


Did you steer your national multi-unit retail business or health care brand into a significant improvement of its reputation using tweets, grams, snaps and posts?


Will you make us a little (or a lot) uncomfortable with how you plan to use social media to build our brands, businesses and reputation?


If so, we hope you will say YES to Aspen Dental Management Inc., and create a social capability that will lead us to fluency and innovator status for all of the brands we support (Aspen Dental, WellNow, Employer Brand – including recruitment marketing.)


Who is Aspen Dental Management, Inc., anyway?

As one of the largest and fastest-growing dental support organizations (DSOs) in the U.S., the team at ADMI lives by a simple purpose: To care for the people who care for the patients.  We’ve pioneered an innovative model that takes care of non-clinical business and administrative services so that providers can do what they do best: focus on breaking down barriers and deliver great care and service to their patients. t. Some of the services provided by ADMI include finding the right location, leasing the space, providing the equipment, accounting support and insurance operations, and attracting a healthy flow of patients and candidates to fuel the practices.


ADMI operates out of four Practice Support Center (PSC) facilities – the original locations in Syracuse, NY, a support center in Chandler, AZ to support our call center operations and rapidly growing business in the West, and the Practice Support Center that marketing calls home, located in the West Loop of Chicago, IL.


Aspen Dental-branded practices are committed to breaking down barriers so that patients can get the care they need today, with more than 800 offices in 43 states,





Be prepared to find yourself:


Immersed in customer (patient and candidate) experiences

  • Experiencing first-hand what makes Aspen Dental special, and the journey patients take before and after they say “yes” to care
  • Engaging in the WellNow patient experience to see operations up close and understand the mindset of patients seeking care
  • Interviewing candidates and team members to understand why they love it (or don’t love it…yet) Forming ideas for how we can interact with patients, employees and candidates in the social space before, during and after they come to the practice or work with us


Diving in to marketing and social media strategy

  • Developing and refining a social roadmap for how we will engage nationally and/or locally
  • Creating and reviewing audience analyses to understand how/where/when/why our target engages with brands in the social space
  • Collaborating with the marketing planning team to review new platform/campaign work that will serve as jumping off points for extensions and ideas for use on social platforms
  • Defining and/or refining content pillars that lay the foundation for how we wish to engage patients, prospective patients, employees and prospective employees


Engaged in the content creation and publishing process

  • Writing or reviewing briefs for internal/external creative teams that will inspire great content
  • Partnering with creative teams to brainstorm and concept against initiatives or opportunities
  • Reviewing concepts and executions created for the social space
  • Partnering with the paid media team to define and execute amplification of social content
  • Analyzing and optimizing in market creative and media


Driving initiatives to improve our brand reputation online

  • Participate in a cross-functional team to develop best practices, policies, process and materials to engage with our patients, employees and critics online
  • Review current dialogue and comments to understand root causes for dissatisfaction and partner with internal teams to solve root causes


Learning from the organization

  • Participating in innumerable training, recruiting and/or brand building events we hold throughout the year to strengthen the culture and our understanding of our commitment to ‘Yes’
  • Attending regular business meetings to understand how our actions at the practice support center support patient care and grow the business


Building and growing a world social media function

  • Educate and integrate social into our marketing programs
  • Selecting, onboarding and nurturing a social-specific agency team as an extension of your team
  • Establish a culture and collaborative approach across marketing that propels the growth of our brands for years to come

Minimum Education and Experience

About Aspen Dental Management, Inc.

Aspen Dental-branded practices are supported by ADMI, a dental support organization that provides non-clinical business support to licensed, independent dentists.

Available Locations

ADMI - Chicago, Illinois 60607 United States