Veronica Fiqueroa

Changing a Person’s Life Forever

“Aspen Dental provides me with the satisfaction of playing an important part in helping patients get back on the road to good oral health. It's more than just the numbers, it’s about changing a person’s life forever,” said Veronica.

Allie Poirier

The Right Town, the Right Career

Allie Poirer uses her design and computer skillset to create dynamic, interactive content on the Aspen Dental website and compelling marketing materials in print.

LouAnn Bouck

As a Hygienist in Syracuse, NY, LouAnn Bouck has met with great success. “Working for Aspen Dental has allowed me to quickly build self-confidence while contributing to my ability to communicate well with different people from diverse backgrounds,” said LouAnn.

LouAnn provides quality care services including debridements, scaling and root planing, prophylaxis, irrigation, placing Arestin, sealants, and fluoride treatments.

Jorge Medina

From Job Hunter to Recruiter

When Jorge Medina set out from Puerto Rico looking for a new opportunity as a Dental Lab Technician, he never imagined that he would return to his home island just a few years later with the responsibility to help hire new lab staff for Aspen Dental.

Dr. Brian Boston

From the time he was a child, Dr. Brian Boston found himself drawn to the sciences. He also enjoyed helping those in need – a combination that would prepare him well for a career in dentistry. His father, an experienced dentist with his own practice, provided Dr. Boston with the inspiration to realize his calling. Dr.

Dr. Clark Downey

Dr. Downey’s passion is mission work. So partnering with a company that would provide the supports necessary to allow him to continue to travel and perform dentistry around the world where care is really needed was very important when deciding his career path.   

Dr. Alison Teske

From an early age, Dr. Teske would pretend to be a dentist. According to Dr. Teske, dentistry has always been her “calling” and Aspen Dental has enabled her to fulfill this lifelong dream.

Dr. Chedly Schatzie Vincent

When Dr. Vincent finished dental school, she did not have a clear idea of what she wanted to do or where she wanted to go. She had heard the stereotypes associated with large group practice, but knowing that she would inherently face some difficulties trying to open her own practice right out of school, she challenged those assumptions and was pleased to learn that the stereotypes did not hold true.

Dr. Cristina Dominguez

Dr. Dominguez admits that she had preconceived notions about dental group practice. So how did she end up owning several Aspen Dental offices in Portland, Maine? As her graduation from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine neared, Dr. Dominguez interviewed with several Boston-area practices, but hesitated to make the multi-year commitment that many practices sought without the assurance of ownership.

Dr. Gabriel Iancu

It was clear from the outset that Dr. Gabriel Iancu, known to his patients and colleagues as Dr. Gabe, was destined for big things. He joined Aspen Dental as an associate dentist in Albany, NY in 2003, and was focused on the big picture from his very first day.

Dr. Amrita Reddy

For most people, having a toddler at home and expecting your second child would be the perfect time to ease up on your career, at least temporarily. But Dr. Amrita Reddy is not most people.

Dr. Katherine Leyes

Dr. Katherine Leyes found her passion for dentistry after job shadowing a dentist while an undergraduate at Purdue University. She was a biochemistry major and, at the time, was thinking about Veterinary School.

Fast Track

Fast Track