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As Diverse as the Patients We Treat

Aspen Dental is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Our team members come from various backgrounds. We encourage it. In fact, women and minorities make up 80% of our workforce.


Dr.  Amit Reddy, An Aspen "Momtrepreneur"

Born and raised in India, Reddy, 39, says she was inspired to become a dentist by her sister. “Being a dentist was not that popular in India 20 or 25 years ago,” Reddy said. “But I really enjoyed the clinical aspect of dentistry.”After establishing herself as a dentist in her home country, Reddy made her way to the U.S. where she continued her education at Boston University, and also fell in love with an engineer, and married.

Within the next decade, Reddy welcomed a daughter and son into her family, now 7 and 5. Already the managing clinical director in Aspen Dental’s practices in Medford and Woburn, MA., Reddy became owner of Aspen Dental offices in Manchester and Nashua, adding a third practice in 2009.Today she is the owner of four practices in New Hampshire. She credits this accomplishment to what she calls the “unique business model” of Aspen Dental, which has allowed her to develop her leadership and clinical skills, while also focusing on her growing family by offering ongoing training, mentorship programs and continuing education opportunities.

“…I wanted to get back to work and do my part to support my family,” she said. “Aspen made that possible.” She credits her supportive husband and her office staff for helping her make a smooth transition into being a “momtrepreneur.”


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